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You can also try our quick-access bookmarklet, see below for more info, skip the copy-paste step.
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How to use this Youtube Downloader most efficiently:

Download Youtube videos anywhere you go

Youtube-to-mp3-pro presents highly demanded Youtube downloader. We've been serving tons of mp3 converter requests, yet we've always been getting emails about helping out with video downloads. Well, you've asked for it, and here it is - we have our own Youtube downloader in the house. Check it out, same principles of work, you get video URL and give it to us (submit it into the form on top), then we scan the video page, find possible download ways, and get back to you with the options. Nothing added. Nothing removed. Same process, only now you can end up downloading video MP4 file instead of just the MP3 choice. Here are some of the app's features:

Download videos in many convenient formats

Besides MP4 and MP3, the two most demanded download options for Youtueb and other sites, we also offer M4A and WEBM for the audio, and of course all the available formats if it's a video from a different platform. On Youtube we mostly stick to these formats. Always check out the drop-down list of options if you're looking for downloader formats other than MP4 or MP3.


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Add to Home Screen

This site can itself be converted, not into an MP3, but into a web-app of sorts. It basically uses your browser to show this site, but it all looks like a normal native app on your Android phone, or Windows laptop or desktop. Try it out, hit the install button below, browser will take it from there. Approved and supported by Chrome and many other major browsers.

Downloader Bookmarklet

Download Mp4

Shortcut is what they say on Apple devices, on Windows we say bookmarklet, on mobile devices this is not really useful. To make it work, drag this button to your bookmarks in your favorite browser, then press it while watching some video somewhere. It will send you here and with video URL in hand, so that you won't need to copy-paste anything, skips that step completely.

F.A.Q. Section

How to download Youtube mp4 file on a mobile device?

  1. Open up Youtube app, find and copy to clipboard the video URL you wish to download.
  2. Give us the URL, submit it in the form on top, wait for download options to be acquired.
  3. When that is done, select video size and quality options, and download the video file, or convert it to another format if you so desire.

Is the site usage quota applied somehow?

No, this is an unlimited usage resource.

Where to find the downloaded files?

Press CTRL+R on desktop, on mobile Smartphones go into browser menu, locate and open Downloads section.

What is the easiest way to download Youtube mp4?

  1. Open the video you want to download as MP4 on Youtube, copy its page address link.
  2. Visit youtube-to-mp3 and share video URL with them, insert it into the form, then press big Download/Convert button.
  3. Finally choose what format and file size you'd be comfortable with, and go ahead download the file..